Trends I’m Bringing Home From My Fashion Trip In London​

Retail stores and shops in London, England
A highlight and round-up of fall trends from my recent fashion trip in London. Hosiery, sneakers, trenches and more.

My idea of an ideal vacation is to go to a destination where I leave inspired.  I will always choose a bustling city over a beach where I can immerse myself in culture, fashion and the daily lifestyle.  I feel alive when walking within the neighborhoods, people watching and catching glimpses of local fashion.   As a fashion capitol of the world, London has been high on my list of places to visit.  So, when the stars aligned to bring an England trip into my world for 2022, I started planning my “Fashion Trip in London”.   What do you do on a fashion trip, you ask?  Well, the itinerary called for retail visits, shopping brands I’ve only had access to virtually, hitting up fashion museums and, of course, admiring the street style. 

Everywhere I turned, I felt the fashion energy.  Each corner I turned served up more inspiration and fashion moments than I could have ever imagined.  On top of a perfect trip, I also happened to be visiting at the transition into fall, which meant style consisted of looks ready for my favorite season of the year to dress for. 

Since I’m all about sharing what I learn and giving you guys tips to incorporate into your wardrobe. I’m rounding up three key takeaways. You better believe I’ll be using all of these tips and if you’re one of my clients, I’m coming at you with all the London energy.  Read below to channel your inner Londoner this season.

Fashion in London Tip #1 – Get Yourself Some Hosiery​

Living in a cold climate like London, layers are your best friend.  While I am a huge fan of leggings under trousers or wide-leg jeans, pants are not always an everyday occurrence.   Londoners know how to do it right with the use of hosiery to “winterize” dresses and skirts. While on my fashion trip in London I saw many women using this little style secret.  From a classy woman sitting in front of the Burberry store on Saville Row in her pleated skirt and nude colored tights, to the girl traveling on the Tube in her sheer black pair with her mini skirt. Adding in this extra layer is the key to rocking those skirts or dresses all season long.  If you’re not sure where to start, I suggest three pairs to begin with. 

Add Some Warmth​

Opaque is the opposite of sheer, meaning they won’t be see-through at all.  Opaque tights range in thickness or denier and will keep you nice and toasty.  Since these will be your warmest pair, you really can wear them alongside any skirt or dress.  Looking for even extra warmth, throw on a cute pair of socks over your tights. If you’re only going to buy one pair, go for the Ultimate Opaque Matte pair from Commando. Constructed with a thicker waistband, these will be comfortable throughout the day without digging into your skin. 

See-Through Sheer​

Second pair to add to cart? A black sheer pair to show a little skin.  These work great with mini dresses and skirts, as you’ll be showing off more of your leg and it helps give the outfit a little dimension. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have to get creative otherwise our mini skirts and dresses are put away for fall.  Sheer tights give you the ability to keep wearing your minis in the cold.  Break out your LBD (little black dress), sheer tights and a killer pair of heels for a sexy night out look.  Skims has quickly become one of my favorite lingerie brands and their hosiery does not disappoint. Try out their sheer full control tights , which have just the right amount of sheerness. 

In The Nude ​

Lastly, you’ll need a nude pair. You can choose between an opaque or sheer pair, or better yet, buy both.  I loved seeing these styled subtly within some of the most fashion forward looks in London.  You’d never guess a nude hosiery could be so chic. Luckily, today there are many shade ranges available for nude tights.  Opt for your skin tone when purchasing these tights as you’ll be wearing them to give you the naked leg appearance. A favorite amongst the royal family and no stranger to shade inclusivity, Heist is a great brand to shop for nude tights.  

Fashion trip in London tip #1 - My favorite stockings

Commando / Skims / Heist

Fashion in London Tip #1 – Nail the Small Details

Elevating a simple look with unique details is nothing new, but the British really nail this styling trick. On a packed Tube ride during rush hour, a man entered opposite me.  For several stops I could only see his face and then, suddenly, as the car emptied, I saw his outfit and it was like opening a present.  He was wearing a simple look, with a pleated trouser and blazer set.  But underneath the blazer, he wore a fishnet top, a dainty pearl necklace and a silver choker. His might have been my favorite look of the trip. 

All The Jewels​

One of my favorite ways to add personality into an outfit is through jewelry.  With endless options, you can really have fun adding flair to your outfit through this simple detail.   Not sure where to begin?  I recommend playing around with budget level options first and testing out different styles, metals and pieces.  ASOS, H&M and Baublebar are all great retailers that offer options on the lower end of the spectrum.  Before you opt for only gold and silver, experiment with other gemstones like pearls, tiger’s eye and more. 

Don’t Forget Eyewear​

More of an eyewear type of guy or gal?  Let your personality shine through in your choice of optical eyeglasses or fun shades.  There are many brands in the market today that offer fashion-forward and quality frames.  If you’re looking to add some extra flare to an outfit, look towards interesting shapes and styles like this Prada pair below. 

Play Around With Materials​

Finally, one of the most underrated ways to add a touch of interest is by utilizing different, unexpected materials.  Some of the best fashion looks I saw on the street during my trip to London were those that mixed and matched interesting fabrics.  While you may not be feeling risky enough to opt for a fishnet top, this spotted mesh turtleneck will give the same dimension to an outfit.  Other fabrics I would consider?  Lace, sparkle or velvet. 

Fashion trip in London tip #1 - My favorite accessories

Pearl Choker / Sunglasses / Mesh Top

Fashion in London Tip #3 – Sneakers All Day, Everyday​

 Adidas, Nike, Veja, and Converse. Look down and you’ll see sneakers as the go-to choice for most. It’s no surprise as the city of London is packed with over 8 million people and commuting is a daily activity for most.  No matter if it was a suit, dress or skirt, sneakers were styled amongst all of the fashionable looks.  

White Sneakers​

When working with any client, a clean white sneaker is at the top of my capsule wardrobe checklist.  This versatile style looks so fresh with any outfit and modernizes even formal-looking fits. Once you snag a pair like this, you’ll be shocked at how often you will be pulling these out of your closet. I especially love seeing a white sneaker paired with wide leg trousers for women or for men with a nice pair of jeans. From budget friendly to investment, you can’t go wrong adding this item to your wardrobe. 

Grey is Here to Stay ​

Already got your white sneakers covered? Another popular choice amongst the Londoners, and a trend I saw consistently during my fashion trip in London, a grey pair. With the recent popularity of New Balance v990’s, grey toned sneakers have been popping up everywhere.  The muted tone is great for a fall fashion palette and works wonderfully with a neutral capsule wardrobe. I’m taking note and adding this style to my capsule wardrobe checklist as this trend isn’t going anywhere. 

Fashion trip in London tip #1 - My favorite sneakers

New Balance / Common Projects / Converse

Elevate Your Closet With These London Fashion Tips​​

As you’ve probably gathered, sometimes the smallest parts of your outfit make the biggest impact.  Most times, it is not about having an ever-changing closet, but more so obsessing about the details. Finding ways to style your clothing throughout the year in new and different ways allows you to get the most use out of your pieces.  Sometimes, all you have to do to make something old feel new, is by adding a new detail.  The best part of these takeaways?  They will never go out of style as they are all ways to level up your look, no matter what the trend.  

While I can’t be on the road traveling 24/7, I can continue to be inspired by taking these lessons I learned and bringing them into my daily dressing. Of course, I’ll continue to stay inspired from my fashion trip in London through social media and fashion outlets, but nothing ever compares with being immersed in the culture. 

If you’re feeling inspired like I am, let’s work together! I’d love to share all of my tips and tricks with you to get you feeling great for the seasons ahead. Schedule your free consultation today to chat with me and learn more about the services that I offer. 

Grace Thomas
Grace Thomas is the lead stylist and founder of Builtgracefully. After 15+ years in the fashion industry, Grace founded Builtgracefully to help others find the fun in fashion. When not obsessing over style, Grace loves to cook, spend time with loves ones, and explore new countries.