Frequently Asked Questions


Where will my services take place? 

We service clients virtually worldwide. For clients in Portland, Oregon, in-person services are offered on a limited basis. 


Is there a minimum spend required on clothing?

No minimum budget is required for us to work together.  A client’s budget is specific to their needs and can be worked with in order to reach your goals.  We recommend a minimum clothing budget of $2500 to get the most from our services. 


Do you work with clients of all body types, ages, professions and genders?  

Yes! We love working with our diverse portfolio of clientele. 


Do you offer on-going styling services? 

After completing an initial project with Builtgracefully, on-going established client offerings are available.  These services are customized to your needs.


Why should I choose you? 

Grace’s unique background makes her different. Her unique perspective includes 15 years working as a buyer & stylist. She understands the intricacies of both the corporate world and entrepreneurship.  She works with men, women and non-binary clients.  She is a go-to fashion expert for many national publications. 


Outside of these accolades, Builtgracefully is focused on creating a safe, fun and non-judgmental environment to explore your style. We guide and educate you along the way. If you’re not ready to step outside of your comfort zone, we get it, we’ll set baby steps to get you there.  


Who are the types of people you work with? 

We work with anyone and everyone. Whether you’ve worked with a stylist in the past, love fashion, or are just getting started on your journey, we’ve likely worked with someone like you. Offering our services virtually has allowed us to work with a variety of clients such as: 

  • The new mom looking to update her wardrobe and style postpartum
  • Fortune 500 CEOs looking to incorporate their personality in their business casual looks 
  • The business owner ready to up-level their brand, image and style to attract their ideal clientele
  • Men ready to start dating again 
  • The work from home professional trying to understand what a post-pandemic style looks like for them

And many, many more!

Ready to get your style journey started? Book a consultation call today!